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Whether for sports, work or promotional clothing, you want the best possible look. We have high-tech machines and quality transfers for printing. Above all, highly skilled craftsmen at The Transfer Factory guarantee ‘impress creations’. Our productions meet the strictest requirements and standards. In addition to high-quality textile printing, we guarantee exceptional quality transfers and transfer printing. Whether you’re a top club, professional company or organisation, a specialist wholesaler or a promotions company, Impress, with The Transfer Factory.
Whatever your print requirements, at The Transfer Factory we’ll take care of them for you. Our knowledge, creativity, unique machinery and logistics skills are at your disposal.
If you want to do your own production work, you are also better off with The Transfer Factory. As a full-service supplier, we offer a sophisticated range of machines and flexible films so that you can achieve a high standard of textile printing yourself.
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The Transfer Factory manufactures and supplies printing for logos (transfers) for all kinds of clothing. Whether you want to print your sportswear, workwear/uniforms or promotional textiles, we supply the right product for any type of clothing. Want to know more? Contact our consultants to get the best choices.


At The Transfer Factory we specialise in textile printing. Because we do our production entirely in-house, we can quickly respond to your specific requirements. There’s a reason why we talk about ‘Impress creations’. Experience them for yourself. Make an appointment with one of our consultants for an informative discussion and creative solutions.

Top Products!

The very best transfers, emblems, labels and embroidered emblems… Polymark is the worldwide manufacturer that meets the exacting requirements of the Transfer Factory.

For example, they create transfers that become one with the fabric, emblems printed in photo quality, barcode emblems with accompanying software so you can always trace the clothing… Polymark has the answers, which is why we work so closely with them. which is why we work so closely with them.

‘Impress’ just the way you want it

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Textiles are printed in different ways. With The Transfer Factory, you can make the ideal choice based on your personal expectations. Make a no-obligation appointment to experience which method ‘impresses’ you the most.

The Transfer Factory team

Your brand needs a good technical solution in order to achieve the right look. In addition to the very best equipment, that calls for highly skilled personnel – which perfectly describes The Transfer Factory team. You are assured of the best advice, excellent support and passionate execution.

Want to know more about our ‘Impress productions’ or our services, or are you considering taking your printing in-house? If so, request our brochure here and identify the most convincing choices.


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