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At The Transfer Factory we specialise in textile printing. Because we carry out production entirely at our own location, we can respond quickly to your specific requirements.

Every part of our production process is carefully designed. For instance, we have multiple pneumatic presses. Our highly trained team members are thoroughly prepared for their tasks. Print runs from a few dozen to thousands are completed smoothly and with care. There’s a reason why we talk about ‘Impress creations’.

Our methods

When it comes to textile printing, we really know our stuff. Our working and production methods assure you of the very best results. To that end, we have the most extensive set of production machinery in Europe..

Carousel printer

The textile is applied to the appropriate support. It is actually fixed in place so that it cannot move during the production process. The carousel printer enables us to handle medium-sized volumes at high quality.


The robot was manufactured especially to the specifications of The Transfer Factory. This is a very advanced machine and it guarantees the highest quality, regardless of the size of the print run.

Folding machine

The Transfer Factory’s folding machine ensures efficient and immaculate processing of textiles. Clean folds are created exactly where you want them so that the clothing can be packaged compactly folded.

Sealing machine

Thanks to our sealing machine, any type of textile can be properly packaged after printing and/or folding. The result is that the clothing is kept dust-free, is easy to transport and store, and unwrapping it becomes a special moment.

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