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Flexible film is used to cut small numbers of logos which generally need to be printed onto your clothing in one colour. If you have a multi-coloured logo, it can be cut in different coloured films. They are then positioned side by side or even one on top of another.

The Transfer Factory is a supplier of the two leading brands of transfer film: Stahls and Poli Tape. As a result, we are able to supply the best material to meet your request. Both brands of transfer film are available in a wide range of colours, which are all suitable for the cutting plotter. Along with the familiar cutting film, we also supply the printables of both brands. Below you will find a summary of our ranges for the two brands of cutting film and the other materials we supply.

Any questions? Or would you like to receive a colour chart for one of the brands? Please contact our consultants. They will be pleased to answer your questions.

POLIFL ex printable
In addition to delivering the Flexfilms for the cutting plotters, we can also provide the printable films for digital transfers that are printed by, for example, the Roland VersaCamm series or Mimaki printers. All of the Polytape brand’s printable films are offered by us.

More information about this? Contact our consulting team and they can provide you with the right material that fits your exact needs.

Polytape Poliflex Turbo

Poliflex Turbo is a matte PU/PVC free transfer film with a light-sticking carrier that allows you to cut and peel very detailed logos. This turbo Flexfoil has an OEKO-TEX certification and is suitable for cotton, cotton/polyester and polyester/acrylic mixes.

Properties Poliflex Turbo:

  • Press temperature: 130 degrees.
  • Time: 5 sec.
  • Pressure: Medium.
  • Remove carrier warm (hotpeel).
  • Up to 60 degrees washable and dry-drum resistant (be careful if your garment can handle these temperatures).
  • Roll width: 50 cm.
  • Roll Length: 25 meters (per metre to order).

Advantages of the Poliflex Turbo:

Because of the low press temperature and short press time, this turbo Flexfoil will not run out on your clothes! If you would like to receive a colour card or more information, please contact our consulting team.

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